Sunday, 28 January 2018


The Internet site listed what it called, the strange habits of top architects. At number two, was Alvar Aalto - ‘2. Drinking a Lot of Alcohol (Alvar Aalto)’: #

The sign outside of the bottle shop was a really no surprise, but it did bring a smile to the face. What was interesting was the array of inter-connected references: but one had to tolerate the spelling error.

Villa Mairea

Somewhat cryptically, the BWS sign said: Villa Maria Sav Blanc $13. One could only think of Aalto’s Villa Mairea and his love of alcohol. Might Aalto have enjoyed the message?

Villa Mairea plan

But the number 13? A quick look at some images, and two Lucyu posters, 1 & 2, designed as a student project for an Aalto exhibition, turn up, ‘13/maio,2011.’ That’ll do for now!

Villa Maria Sav Blanc $13

For the curious, the list is:
1. Playing With the Same Toy All Day (The Eameses)
2. Drinking a Lot of Alcohol (Alvar Aalto)
3. Never Ever Getting a Good Night’s Sleep (Leonardo da Vinci, Buckminster Fuller, Frank Lloyd Wright and Louis Kahn)
4. Climbing A Mythical Norwegian Mountain Every Year (Snøhetta)
5. Really Loving Yourself (Zaha Hadid)
6. Really Loving Others (Eileen Gray)
7. Having Sex Several Times a Day, Even if You’re Eighty (Frank Lloyd Wright)
8. Creeping on Your Building Users (Denise Scott Brown)
9. Lying Quietly in the Dark, Deep in Thought (I.M. Pei)
10. Eating Monochromatic Meals (Luis Barragán)
11. Taking Your Porsche out for a Spin (Ricardo Scofidio)

Why is it that the habits of architects attract such attention?

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