Sunday, 10 August 2014


The match is not the elephant, but the tree provides this bulk. The section of the underground building accessed by a subterranean stairway, complete with water on the roof slab brings to mind Peter Stutchbury's Invisible House in the Blue Mountains, Australia.

As an aside, it is indeed strange that an ‘invisible house’ can be so clearly photographed. Every house could be called ‘invisible’ in the context of this odd title. Buildings might never be seen, or might be seen only in part from some locations, but it is not until one has moved into a certain position that the whole can be seen; and this will vary as one moves around, just as it does in this ‘invisible’ place. The name appears silly; a little pretentious?

On 'seeing' this house 'as' an elephant, see:

It is interesting to note that this house has a garage side that never seems to get photographed - see plan above. The images are all very carefully selected to promote a preferred vision. On this subject, see:  

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