Sunday, 10 June 2012


Ideas in progress: following the example of Illich and James, (see, this blog is starting to explore issues as ideas in progress. The proposition is that architecture is the management of joints - joints of all varieties, classifications and for various purposes. The idea could be put as:
Architecture is the purposeful organisation of joints.

There are joints for: construction; for movement; for decoration; by necessity - time and materials are involved here; by failures; for weathering; and more. The self-conscious orgaisation of joints makes wholes out of parts, and parts out of wholes. Some joints sneek in, while others declare their existence with a grandiose outcry. Some joints are to be seen, others are to be concealed as best they can. Some joints have a purpose, others exist only because of the constant battle with essentials. Joints make their own demands, just as other demands are made of joints. They can clash and crash, depending on the aims. Architecture is a mix and match, a patchwork of joints The intent can overlay joints or adapt to them. Form and function, function and form play their games here, with strategies for joint management being determined by the interpretation of ambitions. The prime truth in architecture is the joint.

The following images of Palais Garnier - Opera national de Paris start the ponderings on this subject.

The ponderings continue at Versailles . . . .

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